Meet Stephanie Hargitay! | West Hollywood Moms

Where are you originally from?

I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana and I’ve been in West Hollywood since 2007!


Tell us a little about yourself

I met and married my husband here and we live in Laurel Canyon. We met, fell in love and even got married in West Hollywood. Our wedding was in our church on Holloway Drive and we celebrated at The Sunset Marquis, Swingers and La Boheme. Our family is truly starting in West Hollywood!


What are your favorite things about West Hollywood?

The Bougainvillea! The accessibility to Runyon Canyon. Fountain. Sunset Plaza. Cheebo. Taking side-streets to get around. Jones.


Tell us what inspired you to become a doula

It’s in my bones! I’ve always been enamored with birth and babies; and supporting mothers just comes naturally to me.


What role does a doula play in a woman’s pregnancy and postpartum time? How long?

It depends on the woman! A doula is like a sister stand in; she’s a hired woman who is familiar with birth and postpartum and offers love and support throughout this sensitive time. I typically stay in touch with the women I support for a very long time.


What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I love stand-up comedy! I also work for a Comedy Manager that produces television.


Please tell us about your community involvement- a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or business- How do you rely on the women of West Hollywood?

I started hosting Village Prenatal in May of 2018. The Village Prenatal is an intimate gathering, designed to lead women to tap into their instincts and have tangible reality of positive, powerful birth. It’s my passion project and has become such a fun way for me to embrace West Hollywood and share local businesses. Female entrepreneurs and businesses have supported me all year and I’ve seen beautiful positive shifts in the birthing women who have attended.



The Village Prenatal is a simple yet deeply impactful way of reclaiming sisterhood and tuning into our feminine intuition. Our society now turns to doctors instead of our mothers and sisters to be taught about our bodies and birth. The Village Prenatal is a way to share in collective wisdom, learn through personal stories and lift each other up.


How did the Village Prenatal come about and what was your inspiration behind it?

The Village Prenatal was designed by elder Midwife, Sister Morningstar. It is recognized internationally as a powerful and comprehensible way to lift the pregnant women in a community. When I learned the format from Sister- I immediately resonated with it and it felt like the right kind of thing for me to host and adapt for my clientele.



Who could benefit from Village Prenatal?

Literally our entire community; present and future. When mothers are celebrated and supported- everybody wins.


What’s the one thing you’re most passionate about?

Supporting the cultural shifts around birth.


Can you give us one pearl of wisdom, the one thing you wish more people knew?  What pearl of wisdom can you share with expecting mothers?

You have everything you need to birth your baby already inside of you. Take your support very seriously and make sure your team aligns with your needs.


If you could encourage more people to take action in some way, what would it be?

Prepare for and invest in the postpartum experience.

Share with us what community is in West Hollywood and how it has been a support to you and your clients?

The community of West Hollywood has a real CAN-DO attitude and creative energy. This motivates me and by extension; the women I serve.


What encouraging words or actions do you give as a doula during birth?

What I say or do is highly individualized and always different. I am there to help her stand in the fire of birth and be someone in the room that steadfastly believes in her ability to birth. I LOVE the birthing woman. She is a goddess; whether she knows it or not. I lean into that energy and am unafraid of it.


Last question- is there anyone special you’d like to thank for helping you through your support for women? 

YES! My doula partners and our incredible community sponsors! First and foremost AKA Weho- My absolute favorite company in West Hollywood which is a family owned brand of luxury serviced residences that can be rented on a month to month basis. A true home away from home for people traveling for longer periods of time. Each apartment is appointed with custom made furniture and incredible amenities! They have given new life to Sunset Plaza and have such admirable community values.


Belcampo’s generous gift of nourishing bone broth each month, Heather Tans for her consistent excitement and impeccable tans and Mickey Hargitay Plants for gifting beautiful seasonal blossoms to our women.



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Contact email:

[email protected]






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